Thursday, June 01, 2006

free as a bird

i feel physically liberated. its almost freaky. i can FEEL it in my body and my mind and my very being, this feeling of having moved from one thing to another, and nothing will ever be the same again.

yesterdays 'celebration' lacked alcohol. but i watched da vinci code and i was thoroughly disappointed. those who've read the book, will be disappointed and those who havent, will be complete lost. it lacks any sort of build up and falls terribly flat. tom hanks was forgettable. but i like the amelie chic so that was a pleasant surprise.

i was out till about 5 this morning. drove home in the light of dusk with the horizon just mildly lighting up, listening to 'free as a bird' by the beatles..and damn it felt good to be alive.

came home at 5:45 and woke my sister up to open the door for me, and she was VERY pissed that i robbed her of 15 minutes of sleep. bah, siblings! then i slept till noon, something i havent done in months. i cant believe nobody in my family kicked me out of bed, under the pretext of eating breakfast together or helping out or going out to get it was a real dream.. sleep when you need it the most is the best most blissed out feeling.

it rained again today. its a daily feature now. i went to the jet airways office to advance my ticket to bombay because its raining like crazy there too and nobody did anything constructive to prevent last years floods from happening again, so the city is showing signs of being victim again. and i didnt want to land in bombay at midnight and not find my way home..yes, im going to be with my baby cousins for a few days and im very excited.

i got wet in the rain today. walked down mg road, calmly and aimlessly while it came down on me, and everybody ran to find shelter. i kept walking, like nothing had changed. and it was brilliant. drove home in the rain. i love this city in the rain, and the 4 o clock light. everything looks so refreshed and pristine and so green and crisp and invigorating. i love driving in that drizzle, when traffic isnt so bad. the air is almost intoxicating with its freshness. or maybe this heady feeling is just a continued happy high from never having to go to college again. not undergrad atleast.

is this what freedom feels like?


Manu said...

shit ra..

i cant wait to awail of freedom as well. but i always take freedom with ltos of tenshun and ambiguity.

pooja said...

lucky macha u are da!!!!! i was supposed to be in virtual reality after u to be free looks like it's gonna be sometime till i feel what ure going thru!!!!have fun macha...all this get out off college and work business is ok but have fun!!!ure grown up da out off college!!!when did u ever imagine u would say that!!!i am wanting!!!!congrats too!!!!!

haathi said...

dont take tension. walk in the rain ra manu!

poojeshwari, your time will come off..3 yrs is piddly compared to a whole life and it'l pass damn fast dont worry! [esp when ur in a fun city away from home and having fun..unlike some of us here!]

akshay said...

I like driving in the rain too. 2nd gear at 80, dab the brakes, a bit of opposite lock, drift through the corner, power out straight, and you grin thinking of how you convinced your dad to buy these tyres.

Come with me. Let's drive in the rain.

noojes said...

I hated the movie too - loved the book though

ramblingmuse said...

Glad there's a spring in your step and a lighthearted tone to your post!


Quietly Amused said...

da wince-y code? Book was ok cos it was fast paced and very evidently written for hollywood. but the movie was simply a drag. even x men 3 was better. btw anybody read focault's pendulum?

Ajeya said...

'is this what freedom feels like?' - yeah! go out there and have a blast! waste your time, goof around, do things you've always wanted to, go on a nice holiday, live it up!! no more rules!... until you start work atleast ;)

haathi said...

noojes: thanks for dropping by!

rm: i dont know if its all in my head or its cirsumstances, but this heady joy-joy feeling is GOOD!

qa: i had a sociology teacher who kept quoting focault. and he was mallu, so you can imagine how he said FOCAULT. iv never read anything by focault.

ajeya: all im doing is sleeping endlessly,spending time with those at home and friends who're about to leave. the holiday almost happened and didnt happen :( but with all this rain, i think it worked out for the best. im going to be in bombay on sunday night!

Ryan Lobo said...


I like your blog. Thank you for your comment on mine.


p.s. I mean, i really like your blog.