Monday, June 19, 2006

working out the happiness in me

currently on massive endorphin rush. decided id had enough of my no-music phase, and my no-exercise phase. so i downloaded some music [with a vengeance] and i got on the treadmill and ran like a mad woman [with a vengeance].

i havent really properly had any music to listen to, except here and there sometimes when i drive. but that doesnt count. my stereo is jacked. laptop that i used to hook up to the stereo doesnt work too well either, as a result. been too lazy to load playlists on winamp since my computer got formatted. and i havent been driving all that much anyway, so that officially deleted all the music from my life.

i havent gymmed or worked out in something like 45 days. and im officially sick of it. im ashamed because the summers come and gone and i didnt swim even once. and i didnt get down to squash. shame!

i listen to the widest most bizzare variety of music. everything from pink floyd, led zeppelin and the doors, to ozzy osbourne, aerosmith and nirvana, to new pop and some hip-hop..the usual u2, aerosmith, bon jovi types also and almost anything that gets me happy and groovy.

current playlist is one of those instant-happy-inducing kinds. im not in the mood for sombre and deep music. im out of the coldplay phase for now. and im off the led zepp trip. im done listening to assorted old limewire downloads. this cd was made to accompany the endorphin rush.
  • eple - royksopp
  • what else is there - royksopp [thin white duke funk mix] [YEAH!!!]
  • drop the pressure - mylo
  • teardrop - massive attack
  • free loop - daniel powter [yes, i cant believe i like it]
  • get right - j lo [:O]
  • where'd you go - fort minor
  • sunday mornings - maroon 5
  • rome wasnt built in a day - morcheeba
  • bittersweet symphony - the verve
  • bittersweet home - limp bizkit
  • one - u2 and mary j blige
  • babylon - david gray
  • madan - martin solveig and salif kieta [spinn days]
  • swamp thing - the grid
  • sunset - nitin sawhney

and then i ran, like theres no tomorrow. and worked the happiness out from the deep recesses of my cobwebby mind. and i felt happy like theres no tomorrow.


akshay said...

keep running

Manu said...

swamp thing BOTHA i remember that. i remember that funworld opened the same time as that song released. dono why i remember that, but i do.

Asavari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quietly Amused said...

That is the scariest playlist I've seen in a long time...

akshay said...

if you were a bon jovi lover you'd be thinner. bon jovi is thin. chris martin has a daughter called apple. lord sev us.


haathi said...

i will keep running. came back and hit it today as well. its getting better and the isnt dragging me southward anymore. happy music rules.

manu: swamp thing was on channel v's ultimate dance collection. and i DIED to buy the tape. so expensive. 120 bucks.

nandini: what songs?!! btw why are you called asavari? any connection to the raag?

quietly amused: i take it you have a more 'discerning' and 'sophisticated' taste in music. muhahahaha

Quietly Amused said...

it's not a discerning and sophisticated taste... and apparently I do go for popular gimmickry :) but drop the pressure is a song thanks to which a long time was spent wondering who the m!@#$@#!f@#$@! was and why was he going to drop the pressure. Swamp thing does bring back memories... Fort minor's ok, One we've already discussed... Forgot to mention, I'm a bon jovi lover and cold play hater :).

haathi said...

i LOVE drop the pressure. its incredibly jumpy. swamp thing takes me backkkkk. and i love coldplay and bon jovi. for purely sintimental and memory reasons.

music ALWAYS has an association in my mind.

Asavari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
haathi said...

its one of my favourite raags. at one time i used to think if i ever have a daughter, id name her asavari, or savani..not anymore though.. LOL

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