Friday, June 09, 2006


no matter where i go, how long im away, how much fun iv had and how memorable any trip is, when im back home i ALWAYS feel relieved to be back. in my room, in my bed, my loo, at my computer. theres no place like home.

but i did have a great 4 days in bombay. i did nothing, but spend time at home with my grand parents and cousins. i didnt visit anyone except immediate family and we had a bhel puri and chaat party, which was fun, because i got to meet some cousins i havent seen in a while now. and the chaat was to die for, i think its the best iv ever eaten anywhere! and we had mango and tender coconut ice cream from natural.

other than that i was happy that i got to be at home as much as i could because thats all i intended to do. i didnt intend to shop, or drag myself all around bombay visiting relatives and friends. i slept, played, entertained, read, ate, ate, ATE, chilled out, played some more, watched, sighed, wished, dreamt, wached some more in awe..babies are a miracle.

i hate goodbyes. i hate any goodbyes. and the drive from home to the airport via sion, and through dharavi is mighty depressing. bombay is a weird city with huge extremes in the way people live their lives. the disparity blows my mind. and my head is bursting with thoughts about the city and what it makes me feel like..but il save that for another post.

its good to be back!!!!

ps: the kids in the picture are my adorably cute and incredibly mind blogglingly sweet cousins.


Dr. Pissed said...

heh welcome back and thanks for the support man!

I esp miss my loo when I am outta town man. Its so crappy and with the industry that we serve, we're almost always out of town!

Damm it.

Manu said...

haha what a gugu kid

haathi said...

dp: what industry might that be? il try and steer clear of it..

manuloid: wtf are you calling a gugu?!! dont mess with me.

Manu said...

i was talking abt the kid on the left DAH dont cry you gugleshwari