Wednesday, June 21, 2006


found this at work yesterday while randomly browsing in the library..and i chuckled to myself. iv felt this way a million times over through the last 3 years of being subjected to abnormal psych.

after reading a book on abnormal psychology-
bow all desires - even unknown one - i had
stand stript before me with their names writ under
and will this make me really sane, i wonder,
or only more intelligently mad

other thoughts that come to mind when studying psych:

  • i bet i have this disorder, i fit the bill perfectly
  • f*** that sounds like me!
  • wow i could get that, and it sounds so bad
  • i better stop being so obsessive
  • whats the use of studying this? give me some solutions!
  • hey i bet fr. v has this!!!
  • i want to chuck this and go smell the rain outside so glad its over. looking ahead, today promises to be a good day. except sitting and transcribing an interview, which is very distorted. but purple haze is lurking around somewhere towards the end of the day. except for the no-alcohol-today rule alls good.


Dr. Pissed said...

Fr. V has everything.

Quietly Amused said...

we had that problem in second year... every one was diagnosing themselves with terminal cancer or some such. Much gratitude for linking.

haathi said...

dp: u know the grand old man. fr.v! you must share your experiences.

qa: i figured, since i do visit your blog a lot, its the simplest way to do so.

Quietly Amused said...

two queries... a) why is any day a no-alcohol day? I don't get that. and b) have you heard this lady called Arati Ankalikar? stole a truckload of assorted hindustani vocal cds from some friend of gran's. now to actually listen to them and learn.

haathi said...

qa: 1]yesterday was drive-home-on-your-own day so it was a no-alcohol day. i had ONE beer, and drove 2 rather 'happili buzzed' extra loud and funny friends home. for a change i was the observer, so it was fun.

2] yes iv heard art ankalikar. i know her really well. shes my grand dads student [shes had a long list of gurus, my grand dad being the most recent], though i prefer not to acknowledge that, because i dont particularly like her style. but its a good listen..

i figured out the jipmer connection too. if you recognised that tiny stairway, u had to either be from pondi or visit pondi a lot more than i do..

Quietly Amused said...

your pedigree if I can call it that without offence is scarily impressive. will refrain from putting my untrained foot in to my untrained mouth in future :)

haathi said...

hehehe pedigree??! haha. ya its a long story, one i cant talk about in 'comments' section.