Friday, June 23, 2006

upside down

so there i was all peached out and smug that my job worked out so great. turns out i was the only one that thought so.

i got thrashed in my first review yesterday. and it was hard to digest, internalise and accept. i hate accepting im wrong, more so in a situation where the critique doesnt seem justified. plus i was in a spot, this being first job and i left work early, walked all the way home, under the under-pass, through the smog filled traffic junctions thick with 2 wheeler congestion, with tears streaming down my face. bleah it was the worst day in a while.

my gut feeling said fuck what happened, go for it and fix it, do what it takes and dont give up. but my mind said oh maybe its not right, maybe this was a wrong decision, maybe i shouldnt go back. but i listened to gut over mind..and i went back. only to have a really rough day that ended in such an anti-climax that i wish i could do it all over again, just to change the end and have some drama.

anyway, gist of the long story is that im back on track, having got the approval of a higher authority who pretty much dismissed mr. managers views as a load of hog-wash. so iv learned that managers are not the best kind of humans to have around. especially not on day 10 into your first job ever. i hate insecure people who let petty differences and unfamiliar situations to be a threat. bahh..human beings are strange.

so i didnt lose my job, like i thought i almost did. and i didnt quit, like i thought i almost did. i stayed and made myself heard, which was a big surprise to me. so im rather happy the way things turned out. and im back in the swing of things with more gusto than ever. my first assignment, a news bulletin for a local club, went into print today and im mighty pleased. satisfaction of a job well-done is and recieving encouragement is hard to describe.

if it werent for my mum and akshay, id be a goner by now i think. lots of love..


Quietly Amused said...

hmmm... I'd have liked to say I told you so, except that I didn't and also probably everyone else has told you that these things happen at work. They do. And they settle themselves out. under the under-pass? sounds melancholy and all but the technical feasibility escapes me. where else can we discuss pedigree if not the comment section :)

Quietly Amused said...

oh and thanks for the only relevant comment. these people are killing my blog.

haathi said...

yes under the under-pass..that was intentional. its almost scary walking there. not to mention when you're crying like nobodys business and strangers on scooters slow down to see whats wrong..

why dont you just moderate comments?! free speech and all is fine, but its YOUR blog at the end of the day..and if its getting killed, stop it!

and i posted this earlier, like 5 mins ago..something gobbled it up. get on msn for pedigree-related discussion.
my id:

tangled said...

good for you! wish i had the guts. chutzpah. whatever.

haathi said...

am i the only one that think chutzpah is a SLIGHTLY weird word?! it sounds mildly offensive..[and not becahuse it begins with chut]
but yeah, i dont know if its 'guts'..whatever it is, i didnt know i had it in me.
had this happened at another time in my life, i would've walked away and left, having decided it wasnt my cup of tea.
things change..

ramblingmuse said...

Glad all is back on track for you. :-)


Ajeya said...

hey, have a bit to catch up on your blog but seems like the new job is see-sawing from good to bad to good. glad you stood up for what you thought.

haathi said...

see-sawing is right. you learn new things everyday and not everything is bright and sunshiney. but im glad im getting to see it all. in all its ugliness sometimes. human beings are a strange bunch. [me included!]
good to have you back.. how are things?