Monday, June 26, 2006

work update

like i told someone today, works been an up and down rollercoaster ride. not one thats been completely thrilling or on the brink of exhilarating or the bordering-on-dangerous-but-still-so-much-fun trip that most amusement park rides are like. its taken me to some really high highs and down in the dumps-below where the scum is also. i cant completely decide what i feel. i cant say i wake up every morning bursting with excitement to get to work, but i dont hate it either. so its a bit mixed. everything was going good till mr. manager [read: fucker] messed things up. im now more unsettled than i was on my first day or week. it makes me angry. especially because mr. manager here is MAJORLY insecure. we sit in the same room and theres this constant undercurrent of you-think-you're-so-smart vibes. he DOES know more than me, and he IS good at what he does..but i dont get why hes so weirded out by me. what could i possibly have done to him in just 2 weeks? in an environment that im totally new to. one that hes been involved with for years now.

gawwd..i want it to be okay. i want to get past petty insecure stupid men. and learn to enjoy work for what it is. without worrying my head with mind-battles like these.

on the sunshiney side..i saw my first assignment in print today. and its quite a high. gives you a big kick. more so to think it came from so many different peoples minds working together.

like i told someone else today, human beings are a weird bunch. you think you've seen strange, but the next 'strange' experience beats the previous one.

thought for today: the rewards of the journey far out-weigh the risks of leaving the harbour.


Manu said...

"thought for today: the rewards of the journey far out-weigh the risks of leaving the harbour."

that's something i'm trying very hard to convince myself of.

biriya said...

hi da!
i'm so sorry about your pisspot of a manager. i'm sure with time you'll be able to figure out his twisted ways and work around it, and he'll ease off on you too. i know what you mean about that kind of ambiguous feeling about work. don't hate, don't love it, and yet you keep finding yourself there every morning. so weird, no?! miss you and laddz