Saturday, June 03, 2006

i hate bangalore cops

so we were going down mg rd, he and i. and suddenly he decides to use his phone, something he rarely does when hes driving. but he does today, for some reason..and instantly we get waved down by a fat cop at the mg rd and brigade rd junction.

so we get out, expecting to pay the stipulated fine and leave. the cop can barely speak english, and despite my repeatedly talking to him in kannada he insists in speaking to me in english. and demands a 600 rupee fine. so we say we'll pay it at the which he says 'ok how much do you want to pay then?'

something fishy. so i say ask him to show me the list of offences, with corresponding fines. and he claims he doesnt have one. so one of the chela cops is sent scurrying off, and he returns a while later, and gestures from far away, something to the effect of 'we dont have a list'. so the guy goes back to demanding that we pay him without really checking the fine rate. all this while hes taken away the drivers dl. so we say, we'll clear it in court, where we hope we will be told what the appropriate amount is, with adequate official proof. he agrees and says hes keeping the dl till we pay and return. now im pissed, so i argue in kannada. meanwhile a call is made to someone who knows the dgp of police, and we find out that no cop can confiscate and keep your license, under any circumstances. so we continue arguing, but he has put the dl into his smelly breast pocket.

then we demand that he brings us the fine list, so we can pay the CORRECT amount and take the license and be done with it. so he says he will get it, and asks us to wait, in the middle of the junction. and he begins walking away..he keeps walking. so we decide to follow him. and we walk and walk and walk..and hes nearing barton centre now, and at coffee house, suddenly out of nowhere almost, it begins to POUR. so he decides to stop for shelter. we're already pretty soaking wet by then, so we say 'head on mister the rain isnt going to stop anytime soon, if thats what you're waiting for.' some weird gestures follow and we laugh behind his back. poor guy. i try and tell him im late to go to the airport so he should hurry. no fucking difference to him.

then we get restless and bugged. and the rain isnt going to stop anytime soon. so we tell him, we've spoken to someone known to the dgp and he specifically said the cop cant keep the license. he says 'who? dgp?? who dgp???', so we drop the name. and he repeats the name 'ohhhh yes aa.' and he promptly gives us the license, quietly.

i was enraged. first he demands a fee double the actual amount, he doesnt have the fine list on him, he confiscates the license, demands that we pay it and return to collect the dl, makes us walk allll the way to barton centre, got us stuck in the pouring rain, and i was almost late to reach the airport.

if theres one community i absolutely dont trust around here, its the cops. theyre fucking unreliable, incompetent and bribe sucking leeches. ARGH!!!

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Manu said...

i have one 'maama' whose name i can drop to get outta trouble. but i also cuunt stand them only. sorry ra my commetns and kkus today im too tired and tchxy