Sunday, June 04, 2006

chocolate and me

and i dont know what id do without chocolate. chocolate fantasys rock. hot chocolate is heaven. chocolate fudge from ooty was interesting. hot chocolate fudge at corner house is a large part of my weekly sin dose. i love chocolate spread on bread. i love chocolate wafers. i love chocolate softys. i love chocolate doughnuts. i love brownies. i love chocolate milkshake. hot, cold, solid, liquid, molten, frozen, hard, soft..chocolate is good in almost all forms, except in combination with mint. im not such a big fan of those.

i ate a piece of toblerone today. then a mug of hot chocolate at the leela, while the rain came down in bucketfuls, while we sat watching out of the large windows, seated in regal looking furniture. it rained really bad today. i was drenched to the bone, like a dog in the rain with wet scruffy hair. so the hot chocolate was soothing, and warm and thick and warmed me as it went down my throat..and we sat around mocking the pseuds, the extra rich teeny boppers, the gay looking laptop wallahs, the fat aunties dressed in glitzy clothes for their saturday evening shopping spree at the leela galleria, the anorexic wannabe dressed in bright red trying so hard to light her cigarette. what fun. and there we were, easily the most badly dressed and uncouth looking people. me in my wet jeans and baggy tshirt, jeans rolled up, soaking floaters and akshay in his drenched jeans and baggy tshirt. both of us with oily wet sticky hair, and we strutted into the place like its just another barista. which it is i suppose. so we didnt care, and we didnt stop mocking, and we didnt stop laughing at ourselves, and we didnt stop being the way we are anywhere else, and we had what we usually do, and we didnt stop having a good time.

and then there was more driving in the rain..and the arduous traffic, alllll the way back home, this time with a change of music.

oh i also had a chocolate fantasy after dinner. pigged out today.


Manu said...

EY dummesh dont eat so much else you will look like janani

akshay said...

we have fun. i like you. you make me feel good.

IAmMine said...

so if i were to describe you and akshay in my blog about food fetishes (albeit chocolate), it would read:

.... & the rebels without a cause dressed in their yankee T-shirts and dirty denim, their unkept hair and comfy flip flops screaming of a lack of time to dress up and their smug know-it-all faces saying they dont care ....

just teasing :-). nice read. cheers