Friday, June 27, 2008

walk to remember

today i took a walk in a dark and mysterious place. fumbled my way through. armed with previous experience, judgement and some amount of guesswork, i kept going. words were flung. faces made. feelings hurt. and then i felt some truths really hit home. some truths that came thundering down, from nowhere, knocking on your door screaming "dont you know?!"

i took a walk into a mans psyche. and i knocked on the door tagged "ego".


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

niyu's been obscured by clouds

my BABY sister is now a pro at sending her art. this summer holiday she has fully sent art, in all possible forms. here's the result of a summer holiday, with just about enough time to spare.

obscured by clouds is a film by niati upadhya. concept, storyboard and editing, music, vocals..all by niyu. with a fair amount of help from friends shilo shiv suleman, gayatri ganju and nikhil narendra.

im full to proud :)