Friday, June 26, 2009

a week to remember..

its been an event ful week -- filled with events that will stick in my mind important, memorable, eventful times that have added to the scrapbook of my life.

i worked over 13 hours one day this week and didnt feel the pinch, or the pull to be elsewhere.

i felt a sense of friendship and camaraderie with many people at work, and this is something i havent experienced in a long time. i work with a bunch of happy, quirky, fun people, each of whom brings their best to what we do. and this plays a large role in making me want to go back to work every morning.

iv made some good friends at work. not just people who occupy time and give me companionship during the 9 to 5, but sensitive, caring, fun people who i can share a lot with. im glad that this job has made me meet tindoo (sindhu), jeani, shan, gagan and paul :) and a whole lot of other happy faces who i come across everyday.

for the first time in a long long time i felt motivated to stretch myself, to give of myself more than i normally do, to see something through to the very end, and most important feel the tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of it. this is a landmark because in all the many jobs iv been in (and trust me iv been in QUITE a fewwww) no job/project has inspired such high levels of commitment or connectedness in me.

i experienced the satisfaction of accomplishment, that comes from working on something that has high visibility and stands to be viewed with much criticism. and the success tasted good :D

we finally took delivery of our first car together -- the husband and i. well we didnt quite take delivery together literally, because after days of leading me on to think my loan process was delayed and we were facing one obstacle after another, the husband had a lot of time to carefully plan out a neat little surprise, that had my jaw drop. i was too kicked to say much, so i dont think i even said thank you enough..but the surprise rocked. and it was a happy coincidence that he took delivery on a significant 'anniversary' of ours.

today has been a sad day for pop music. Its all over the place, so im going to overdo it. michael jackson was the king of pop. and the truth is he will always continue to be the king of pop. of entertainment. of happy music. of legendary music that will far outlive his time, which was unfortunately shortlived. music that i grew up on came rushing back to me, and i truly feel this is the kind of music that will never die. the kind of music that will be passed on for many years to come.

so many events, so many feelings, so many memories and landmarks..and one big pool of emotion inside of me.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

the rotten truth about life is that you are seldom appreciated for what you really are. and are almost always expected to be someone/something that fits into society's neatly created cubby holes, with the same cliche roles, duties and responsibilities. its such a shame. and i think its the reason why we're a country full of brainless nincumpoops. because even if we're capable of doing so many things, we're coerced into never exploring them.

im sick of hearing this 'have a baby' rant. simple because right now i have so much more to do in life. why is that so hard for people to understand?
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Friday, June 19, 2009

coke float

im a coke-float-addict. i really am. But the kick is in sucking tiny bits of ice cream thru the straw :P

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blame it on niyu

green eyes
swallowed in the sea
everything's not lost
the scientist
god put a smile upon your face
the hardest part

its a coldplayesque day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

birth control

seeing as how im so anti-babies, i suggested that we get ourselves a chimp instead. the likes of dunston checks in. i was dead serious, but the husband..not so much.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

pffft..thats me letting out some steam

heres an update of some recent, some insignificant, some current, some past developments in the recent past..
first, work is becoming increasingly challenging. not just in terms of the writing, but in terms of managing projects, spreading myself thin, keeping my head straight so i can think straight without losing it.. its been a stretching 2 weeks since i got back from SA. or maybe it just felt like a stretch because it took me so long to get back to the groove. anyhoo, from juggling a million tasks at once, to thinking of a/v scripts, to learning to put my foot down, watching liers come out successful..its been a trying 2 weeks for poor ol me.
second, i have a cartload of pictures piled up from the trip to goa and the week i spent in SA. theyre jus there. sitting. piling. waiting an wanting to be edited. to be seen. but i havent gotten down to doing any of it. because, my laptop is fucked up, i need to use the macbook to edit them, and because i just havent had enough time to do so much, leave alone sit in some peace and quiet and sort through my pictures. and it makes me feel a bit like shit.
third, i wish i owned my own 17-135 zoom lens. that way id have nicer pictures. wider pictures. richer pictures. that way i wouldnt have to shuffle cameras and forget what pictures were really mine to begin with. time to reopen that personal acquisiton fund.
fourth, iv further strengthened my belief in tha fact that i am no good at the corporate rat race. that i dont understand the unstated, unless it is obviously spelt out to me. i dont understand powerplay. and i dont understand how i need to deal with insignificant people who constantly try to push their agenda on you.
fifth, ak and pa are officially getting engaged tomorrow. in delhi. and im awfully sad that i cant be there. it just doesnt feel right that im missing such a big development in the lives of 2 people that we have been so closely associated with. all the best you two..i'll miss not being around. sorely.
thats it for now. over and out. thank god its friday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

umbrella shadow

niyu's new summer project


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

happy campers/haathi laouwers

taken in cape town. i was insanely happy i was holiday, and deep down i was really sad that in the next 5 hours i would be on a plane heading home.

south africa was a really wonderful experience. and it made me realise that nothing compares with the experience of travel.

if anyone out there is looking to employ someone for a travel show, count me in. get in touch with me now. im willing to pack up and leave, shut shop and move on, to do anything that will pay me to travel.

im a happy camper when i travel. it really brings out the best in me. it makes me happy like little else does.

another milestone

i think bangalore has far too many cars than it can handle. the roads seem to get narrower, more filled with potholes, more congested, more wrecked, more ruined, more dangerous.

i think the pollution is horrid. i cant stand to be out on a bike, unprotected anymore. the grime, the dust, the muck is just not my idea of a fun ride on the bike anymore. the minute im indoors somewhere, i swear i can hear the tiny cells on the surface of my skin scream out, pleading to be scrubbed clean.

i think the infrastructure in bangalore is the pits. its hit an all time low. rock bottom. and i dont think the city is ever going to recover from the mess we are currently in. roads ruined by ongoing metro construction. endless changes in one ways/two ways/dead ends. badly maintained roads that are just not equipped to handle the volume of traffic in the city.

i think the public transport in the city needs some serious attention. the autos and drivers within are out to fleece/rape/eve tease you. the buses are not dependable.

i also think everyone in this city is in a big fat rush. always. rush hour actually lasts all day. where is everyone rushing to? where are they going from? this place is deteriorating faster than i can imagine and digest.

from the traffic to the roads to the name it, its a mess. the city is in shambles. and i have just taken a step to add to it. im going to be adding 4 wheels, one more car and god knows how much more mucky pollution to the air around us.

the husband and i have just bought ourselves our very own car. while we wait for loans to get processed, deliveries to be made and registrations to happen, i cant help but smile in glee at never having to take an auto to work. never having to be denied an auto back from work. and never having to get wet in the rain again.

i got me one of these:

feeling kinda uhhhhuuuuhhh

feeling kinda nostalgic..muhuhahahaha!

Monday, June 08, 2009

irony at work

what do you do when your boss trusts your writing skills, and loves your work (and you like and respect her as a result :)), but HER boss, who doesnt know SHIT s the one to sometimes assess your work. with a red pen, print outs, and tick and cross marks. and she takes the liberty to edit/correct/change your work, baselessly?

where is the justice?

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

after a really long time, today, i feel really stifled and fed up.
like i just want to get away for a while.
like i just want to be.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

backflip heart

i have a crush on karsh kale. and i just added him on facebook :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

fight for whats truly yours

iv often heard and been told before that when you come across something thats truly, rightfully yours, fight for it and make it yours. it holds good for live, to choose, to decide, to do, to fulfil, to contend with..
the freedom to make choices, and face the consequences that come
the freedom to do things and live by those decisons
the freedom to choose whats best for our individual selves
the freedom to live, be, enjoy..
grab it, and make it your own.