Tuesday, June 09, 2009

happy campers/haathi laouwers

taken in cape town. i was insanely happy i was holiday, and deep down i was really sad that in the next 5 hours i would be on a plane heading home.

south africa was a really wonderful experience. and it made me realise that nothing compares with the experience of travel.

if anyone out there is looking to employ someone for a travel show, count me in. get in touch with me now. im willing to pack up and leave, shut shop and move on, to do anything that will pay me to travel.

im a happy camper when i travel. it really brings out the best in me. it makes me happy like little else does.


akshay said...

ya i also want, i can be cameraman or something. or even better, a food show.

Romi Chugh said...

This is a brilliant snap of you two. The perfect couple. Amen & God Bless