Tuesday, June 09, 2009

another milestone

i think bangalore has far too many cars than it can handle. the roads seem to get narrower, more filled with potholes, more congested, more wrecked, more ruined, more dangerous.

i think the pollution is horrid. i cant stand to be out on a bike, unprotected anymore. the grime, the dust, the muck is just not my idea of a fun ride on the bike anymore. the minute im indoors somewhere, i swear i can hear the tiny cells on the surface of my skin scream out, pleading to be scrubbed clean.

i think the infrastructure in bangalore is the pits. its hit an all time low. rock bottom. and i dont think the city is ever going to recover from the mess we are currently in. roads ruined by ongoing metro construction. endless changes in one ways/two ways/dead ends. badly maintained roads that are just not equipped to handle the volume of traffic in the city.

i think the public transport in the city needs some serious attention. the autos and drivers within are out to fleece/rape/eve tease you. the buses are not dependable.

i also think everyone in this city is in a big fat rush. always. rush hour actually lasts all day. where is everyone rushing to? where are they going from? this place is deteriorating faster than i can imagine and digest.

from the traffic to the roads to the autos...you name it, its a mess. the city is in shambles. and i have just taken a step to add to it. im going to be adding 4 wheels, one more car and god knows how much more mucky pollution to the air around us.

the husband and i have just bought ourselves our very own car. while we wait for loans to get processed, deliveries to be made and registrations to happen, i cant help but smile in glee at never having to take an auto to work. never having to be denied an auto back from work. and never having to get wet in the rain again.

i got me one of these:

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akshay said...

congratulations! welcome to the club!

oh and don't worry, the swift diesel is actually pretty environment friendly. atleast compared to my 3 km to the litre 300 bhp wonder. :(