Friday, June 26, 2009

a week to remember..

its been an event ful week -- filled with events that will stick in my mind important, memorable, eventful times that have added to the scrapbook of my life.

i worked over 13 hours one day this week and didnt feel the pinch, or the pull to be elsewhere.

i felt a sense of friendship and camaraderie with many people at work, and this is something i havent experienced in a long time. i work with a bunch of happy, quirky, fun people, each of whom brings their best to what we do. and this plays a large role in making me want to go back to work every morning.

iv made some good friends at work. not just people who occupy time and give me companionship during the 9 to 5, but sensitive, caring, fun people who i can share a lot with. im glad that this job has made me meet tindoo (sindhu), jeani, shan, gagan and paul :) and a whole lot of other happy faces who i come across everyday.

for the first time in a long long time i felt motivated to stretch myself, to give of myself more than i normally do, to see something through to the very end, and most important feel the tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of it. this is a landmark because in all the many jobs iv been in (and trust me iv been in QUITE a fewwww) no job/project has inspired such high levels of commitment or connectedness in me.

i experienced the satisfaction of accomplishment, that comes from working on something that has high visibility and stands to be viewed with much criticism. and the success tasted good :D

we finally took delivery of our first car together -- the husband and i. well we didnt quite take delivery together literally, because after days of leading me on to think my loan process was delayed and we were facing one obstacle after another, the husband had a lot of time to carefully plan out a neat little surprise, that had my jaw drop. i was too kicked to say much, so i dont think i even said thank you enough..but the surprise rocked. and it was a happy coincidence that he took delivery on a significant 'anniversary' of ours.

today has been a sad day for pop music. Its all over the place, so im going to overdo it. michael jackson was the king of pop. and the truth is he will always continue to be the king of pop. of entertainment. of happy music. of legendary music that will far outlive his time, which was unfortunately shortlived. music that i grew up on came rushing back to me, and i truly feel this is the kind of music that will never die. the kind of music that will be passed on for many years to come.

so many events, so many feelings, so many memories and landmarks..and one big pool of emotion inside of me.

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akshay said...

ya i bought front row ticket to see him and now he's gone. stupid fellow. so now i can't see ledzep, sabbath, gnr, nirvana, AND mj. only bonjovi and defleppard are left. i think i'll go to faarin anyway though.

happy 'anniversary' and congrats on the vandi. give it a name. suzie is a bit overdone though.

haathi said...

who said its called suzie. Its a boy. Its called FatAss.

akshay said...

chah. cars are always female, if at all gender-specific.

reminds me of mrs kini. dont blame me, your dad only said no.

haathi said...

well im not one for trends. my car is a boyyyyy.
i call him FatAss. vc calls him BigBum.

Sindhu said...

I wanted to leave a comment which matched the senti feel of your post re.. But you know me na.. :D So I remembered this saying.. and I feel its so apt for us! -- A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg, even though she knows you're slightly cracked.. :D