Wednesday, June 03, 2009

fight for whats truly yours

iv often heard and been told before that when you come across something thats truly, rightfully yours, fight for it and make it yours. it holds good for live, to choose, to decide, to do, to fulfil, to contend with..
the freedom to make choices, and face the consequences that come
the freedom to do things and live by those decisons
the freedom to choose whats best for our individual selves
the freedom to live, be, enjoy..
grab it, and make it your own.


Anonymous said...

hi. this has nothing to do with your post but im very distracted by the pictures of yours on the right. smashing i would say. could you share with us who this amazing photographer is??? were all kneen to know.
thank you.
ps: dont forget these little details, becaouse it will help you grow as a person.
happy growning my frand.

Anonymous said...

e'en i'm also fully distracted by the picchars. who this amazing photographer is? e'en i also want him to take my picchar.