Friday, May 29, 2009

the woes of getting fat

21 is the number of days iv been on holiday from the gym (for various reasons)
8 is the number of days i went on holiday in south africa, which featured LOTS of eating, overeating, face stuffing, beer drinking, alcohol consuming. i mean LOTS of it.
3 is the number of meals iv eaten out since i got back.
and i shudder to think of the number of inches that would have happily added themselves on various parts of my body. they have this annoying habit of going and piling up in places i dont really need the baggage, instead of places where i could do with some.
that said, 2 is the number of days i am giving myself the luxury of feeling lazy, before i hit the fitness regime again.


akshay said...

coincidentally, 3 is the number of years i've been saying i will return to the gym.

Anonymous said...

this is a sad blogpost!