Sunday, May 10, 2009

fishy air and burnt skin

its been a totally CHILL three days. my definition of chill, that is. where there is no agenda, no places to go, things to see, stuff that must be done. ive spend close to a total of twenty hours on the beach. and its just been so so so so so nice.

with every trip to the seaside, i get more convinced that maybe i have a past life connection, or a subconscious pact with the sea. Every now and then theres an urge to be by the sea. and when i am, everything is peaceful, all is in sync and nothing could feel better.

iv done nothing but feel the wind in my hair, dig my toes into the sand, feel high on life, eat the glorious sea food, groove to the sidey shack music (somehow everything becomes enjoyable on the beach..hehe), drink various things from freshlime sodas to chilled water, kings beer and gin and tonics.. and im so convinced this is therapy for the soul.

i strongly reccommend a weekend in gos for anyone in the need of a break. come to baga, sit back and enjoy. it doesnt get better than this.

all good things must come to an end, though..and tonight il trudge back in the ksrtc volvo, crammed in the non reclineable seats, unable to sleep. but i'd do it all over in a flash :)

all last days of holidays depress me. and the only glint of hope is that going back, bings promise of the next getaway.

for now, im blackened and crisped from the sun, and im loving it.

this is the beached out, sun kissed and toasted, fishy holiday slut signing out for now.

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Arjun Kartha said...


you can't go to the beach without me :(

and WBPA

Anonymous said...

true means ture only!!! super amazingweekend thatwas...
missing is happening tooo much..