Friday, May 15, 2009

people they come together, people they fall apart

its become habit. people walk in and out of my life all the time. some have stayed forever, some are far far away, some came and went but linger around in the depths of my mind..and my heart, some came for very short bursts of time and impacted my life in so many ways..some positively, unfortunately some negatively, some are long term friends - the kind i dont have to be in touch with and yet can pick up exactly where i left off, and some people i need on an everyday basis - thru words, telephone calls, emails and sms's..

but the truth is people come and go. and there are and have always been very few whom i hold close to my heart. when i say few, i mean feeew. i can count them on one hand. theyre the sort who have accepted me for what i am - with the good shit and the bad shit. with them i have the kind of relationship that needs to justification, no reason. it just IS. there are strings, but not the kind that we use to play puppet games. and not the kind that hold you down and cause you pain. above all these are people who respect me for what i am, without expectations. and i know i feel the same about them. when differences arise its so easy to talk it out, because expectations, conditions, greed, sympathy..none of that gets in the way.

despite all that, the truth is people come and go. and iv reached a point in my life where iv come to realise that people are strange. some need to be wanted, some want you, some need attention, some love showering it, some play games, some come out clean, some are complicated and some crystal clear.

people come and go. with their baggage and the filth, with the good times and the bad, with the happy highs and impossible lows. and ultimately the ones that linger on are the ones that mean well. theyre there to fulfil a purpose. and although i often mope over what has been and what could have been, iv also learned that its not worth it. if someone came and went, its because they were meant to. their purpose in my life was shortlived, met and finished. probably much like mine in theirs.

so like moby says.. people they come together, people they fall one can stop us now, we are all made of stars.

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