Tuesday, May 12, 2009

why me?

im generally feeling a somewhat self pitying kind of feeling. so here goes..
its tough being me, sometimes. and then just for fun god has endowed me with the worlds worst period cramps. and then, on a day like today, it just makes me wish i was someone else. without ovaries. without the crap that comes with it. without the moodiness. without the tears. without the stress that only causes me more pain. without the irritation all the shit that comes with having "womanly" problems.

im trying to think about the beach and how therapeutic and calming and relaxing and all of that it was. but its not working.

i think i need to rewind.


VC said...

have off a baby...it'll all go off i think

haathi said...

this will go away MAYBE, and then full lifetime of problems will come off in my lap.

Anonymous said...

nothing will ever change it da.. she will have to become a man.. then ya it will go.
dont come up wit stupid ideas daa.