Tuesday, September 22, 2009

losing weight. the easy way.

8 p.m.
he (rubbing belly and limping around) - i feel really thin today
me - THIN?? you call that thin? let me burst your little illusion
he - *grins*
me - youre the exact opposite of thin at the moment

9:30 p.m.
me - will you have another bun with your soup and salad (diet food, fyi)
he - i might. maybe just another half. will you have the other half?
me - yeah, okay
he - LESS butter please
me - *drops jaw in shock* (because im not used to requests for LESS butter)

10 p.m.
me - heres your piece of dark chocolate
he - give me some more no? please?
me - more? but arent you on a diet?
he - yes but iv hurt my ankle and i need all the energy i can get
me - ohhh hahaha.. in that case i think il have a piece too
he - what about your diet?
me - yeah i know, but i don't want you to finish my share ok..it was my slab in the first place
(the whole time the slab is not BETWEEN us, but hidden out of my sight. i can only hear the wrapper crackling everytime a piece is consumed slyly)

10:05 p.m.
me - youre eating so much aa? maybe il have another bite
he - its over da :)

successfully consumed: one whole slab of bournville rich dark chocolate
diet quotient: 0 (on a scale of 1-10)
happiness levels: 10 (on a scale of 1-10)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

woman issues

the WORST part of being a woman: waxing
one of the best parts of being a woman: pedicures :D

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

i dont know whether to laugh out or cry..

- when im driving on an empty stretch of road..cruising along, when all of a sudden an auto turns in, in front of me from a by lane, cuts me off in the right lane and decides to chug along at 20 kmph..blissfully unaware of whats behind him. hes probably thinking 'im da man!'..

- when im in a rush to get to the gym, and im patiently waiting to cross the crowded and narrow galli, and some johnny in a hugeass innova decides to overtake me, stand on my right (which is actually the lane for oncoming traffic), blocks the junction completely, and expects that everything will miraculously vaporise so that he can pass. its like the heights of ignorance, of the consequences of ones actions..

- when im at a junction, unfortunately the first in line, the signal turns green and in nothing less that 0.0653 secs, the herd of vehicles behind you honks at me, like im the sole reason theyve been held up at the traffic light for a whole 2 mins. i know time is precious, and i guess 0.0653 secs is too much to spare..

- when im speeding down the road and suddenly some jackass decides to dart out off the darkness and into the road. he sees me and falters, and instead of stepping back, he stand right in the middle of the road too shellshocked to do anything. wouldnt it just be better to LOOK before he LEAPED!?

aargh! the roads and traffic situation isnt doing my frustration levels much good..

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

dont ask neither how full or how empty is your glass..

crying out with happiness kind of song..
this is my trip for the day :D

TRIPPED OUT. i need to get me this album. its an EP of coldplay's viva la vida, filled with songs that weren't completed in time for the official release of viva la vida.

niyu, kundi, priya.. this ones for you..

my mental mantra for today

i am going to fight the blues.
i am going to get beyond petty mundane work issues.
i am going to believe that i am good at what i do.
i am going to look beyond.
i am going to focus on life after work.
i am going to give myself more time.

because i NEED to.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

one whole year..and counting..

last year at this time, i was in the midst of getting married. or "marriaged" as AK likes to call it. the "shaadi.com" was in progress.
and since then i cant help but think we've come such a long way. from holidays together, to first acquisitions together, first bank accounts together, first experiences together, new kinds of fights together, facing the world together.. its been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
i think the best part about marriage is how much it teaches you about yourself. you'd think that living, loving, respecting another human being..dealing with each others quirks and idiosyncrasies would teach you more about the other person..but its quite different. the nicest thing about this last year, is the fact that iv looked within so much. iv learnt so much about myself. iv challenged myself. taught myself new things. done things i never imagined i could or would.
and for that, i feel thankful. its an experience i highly recommend :D sure, we;ve had our share of ups and down, but the best part is being in it together. and that somehow makes all the difference.
i began my day with a delicious surprise. after much deliberaton and talk and discussion, we'd firmly decided that anniversaries are not about gifts (even though i still secretly feel its about the thought behind the gift, more than just the gift itself :) but maybe thats just me) and theyre not about dinners (because how different can an anniversary dinner be from any other special slightly intimate dinner in a restaurant) and theyre certainly not about expectations. so i tried to stick to it and got VC nothing more than a couple of photographs. on being presented with his share of the surprise, i felt a little sheepish -- and i cant think of a way to reciprocate, except extend my arms and all of myself for a big warm bear hug :D
thanks dumbo for sticking around..
here's to many many more..

Monday, September 07, 2009

when everything's meant to be broken...

..i just want you to know who i am.

or maybe thats just me. so i shouldnt hope for the rest of the world to think that way.

anyhoo, its frighteningly alarming to realize that i live in a world where people are STILL judged by:
- the color of their skin
- the amount of wealth they have
- the "respectability" of the kind of "job" they hold
- how theyre dressed
- who they know

going by that, i think i would qualify as a complete street dweller :D

but on a more serious note, i think its a tad scary to think that these really are parameters that people are judged by. whatever happened to character, a sense of humor, genuinity, warmth..when did it all get replaced with such superficial elements in life?

when everythings meant to be broken in the end, isnt it only important to know the real person inside everyone?

Friday, September 04, 2009

arguing with fools

it is said that one should never argue with fools. because they drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

there are kinds and kinds of people i interact with at work. im mostly tolerant of them all. because i believe in the inehrant goodness in people, despite all other faults/drawbacks they might have. ok..correction: i believe in the inherant goodness in ALMOST all people.

i try to get through work with as little abrasion as possible. as little unnecessary confrontation as i can go without. as little unwanted gossip and discussion that i can keep myself out of.

until of course i had the misfortune of working closely with some of the people i did last week. people who dont realize when you are doing them a favor and they should actually be thankful. people who draw a blank when you ask them for information they should really just know by default. people who act like you are their slave, and must be ever willing to service their needs, no matter how unreasonable they may be. people who need to be shown and pointed out errors that they should logically have noticed. whats worse, when you point out errors (thinking hey i should point this out since she missed it!) turn the tables round and make it seem like THAT too is somehow your fault! people who dont take your expertise when they should, do their own thing, display their foolishness, get corrected and then sheepishly come back and tell you to "revert to the previous change". argh.

thats when everything fell apart.

somehow through this disturbing experience, i went home on friday evening feeling like i was the fool. like i was the one who fucked up. like i should have done a better job. like i should have actually kept quiet and not really felt hurt at everything that happened.

thats the problem with arguing with fools. i realize now. they drag you down to their level. confound you with their idiotic arguements. confuse the shit out of you. and beat you at their game of stupidity, with their foolishness. with experience.