Saturday, September 12, 2009

i dont know whether to laugh out or cry..

- when im driving on an empty stretch of road..cruising along, when all of a sudden an auto turns in, in front of me from a by lane, cuts me off in the right lane and decides to chug along at 20 kmph..blissfully unaware of whats behind him. hes probably thinking 'im da man!'..

- when im in a rush to get to the gym, and im patiently waiting to cross the crowded and narrow galli, and some johnny in a hugeass innova decides to overtake me, stand on my right (which is actually the lane for oncoming traffic), blocks the junction completely, and expects that everything will miraculously vaporise so that he can pass. its like the heights of ignorance, of the consequences of ones actions..

- when im at a junction, unfortunately the first in line, the signal turns green and in nothing less that 0.0653 secs, the herd of vehicles behind you honks at me, like im the sole reason theyve been held up at the traffic light for a whole 2 mins. i know time is precious, and i guess 0.0653 secs is too much to spare..

- when im speeding down the road and suddenly some jackass decides to dart out off the darkness and into the road. he sees me and falters, and instead of stepping back, he stand right in the middle of the road too shellshocked to do anything. wouldnt it just be better to LOOK before he LEAPED!?

aargh! the roads and traffic situation isnt doing my frustration levels much good..

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akshay said...

i find it a great way to learn new languages. now i can insult in urdu and tamil as well.