Wednesday, September 09, 2009

dont ask neither how full or how empty is your glass..

crying out with happiness kind of song..
this is my trip for the day :D

TRIPPED OUT. i need to get me this album. its an EP of coldplay's viva la vida, filled with songs that weren't completed in time for the official release of viva la vida.

niyu, kundi, priya.. this ones for you..


Kunal Sen said...

hehehehe... Coldplay man...
what fun!

nakedswaMi said...

seee :D!!!
they will always be the best happy trip music for me daa... wht madness this song is no?

Priya said...

we should go for a drive in your car and listen to it on full blast :)

Kunal Sen said...

i agreement.
full agreement :)
this is growing on me! thanks for sharing!