Friday, September 04, 2009

arguing with fools

it is said that one should never argue with fools. because they drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

there are kinds and kinds of people i interact with at work. im mostly tolerant of them all. because i believe in the inehrant goodness in people, despite all other faults/drawbacks they might have. ok..correction: i believe in the inherant goodness in ALMOST all people.

i try to get through work with as little abrasion as possible. as little unnecessary confrontation as i can go without. as little unwanted gossip and discussion that i can keep myself out of.

until of course i had the misfortune of working closely with some of the people i did last week. people who dont realize when you are doing them a favor and they should actually be thankful. people who draw a blank when you ask them for information they should really just know by default. people who act like you are their slave, and must be ever willing to service their needs, no matter how unreasonable they may be. people who need to be shown and pointed out errors that they should logically have noticed. whats worse, when you point out errors (thinking hey i should point this out since she missed it!) turn the tables round and make it seem like THAT too is somehow your fault! people who dont take your expertise when they should, do their own thing, display their foolishness, get corrected and then sheepishly come back and tell you to "revert to the previous change". argh.

thats when everything fell apart.

somehow through this disturbing experience, i went home on friday evening feeling like i was the fool. like i was the one who fucked up. like i should have done a better job. like i should have actually kept quiet and not really felt hurt at everything that happened.

thats the problem with arguing with fools. i realize now. they drag you down to their level. confound you with their idiotic arguements. confuse the shit out of you. and beat you at their game of stupidity, with their foolishness. with experience.


VC said...

hahahaha.. yeah i so know what that feels like

akshay said...


haathi said...

hahaha lol.. You know this post was written with a certain someone in mind. And everytime i see her face an imaginary 'EL STUPIDO' neon sign begins to flash over her forehead. And the mean devil inside my head begins to cackle..