Monday, September 07, 2009

when everything's meant to be broken...

..i just want you to know who i am.

or maybe thats just me. so i shouldnt hope for the rest of the world to think that way.

anyhoo, its frighteningly alarming to realize that i live in a world where people are STILL judged by:
- the color of their skin
- the amount of wealth they have
- the "respectability" of the kind of "job" they hold
- how theyre dressed
- who they know

going by that, i think i would qualify as a complete street dweller :D

but on a more serious note, i think its a tad scary to think that these really are parameters that people are judged by. whatever happened to character, a sense of humor, genuinity, warmth..when did it all get replaced with such superficial elements in life?

when everythings meant to be broken in the end, isnt it only important to know the real person inside everyone?

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