Tuesday, June 13, 2006

me - today

my first day at work was far easier and far more settled and happier than i imagined. i had a great day. the team at work is a small and tightly knit one, so everyone knows everyone and everyone is free with everyone, from the top of the management to the coffee-maker. just my kind of place. workwise, i did nothing but look at tons and tons of their previous work and campaigns and websites and brochures designed by them, and tried to get a feel of the sort of work they do, their clients and the companys philosophy and attitude to work itself. and it WAS productive. i was expecting to be loitering around not knowing quite what to do with myself..but everyone was helpful in showing me how stuff works, smiling and being very friendly and warm and i instantly felt like a part of the team. this was the factor that drew me to the place, at the very beginning. something just felt RIGHT.

its like a big family, and im the newly adopted child. and i already feel like a part of the family. i cant wait to begin work full scale. it looks like the right kind of place for me, i will essentially be a writer, but i have a feeling i could soon branch out and do other stuff as well..depending on how much time i spend learning the ropes. its exciting and very happiness inducing. also, im officially a wage earner now. muhahaha..

taking time out to work, was the BEST decision iv made in a while.


pddn said...

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Manu said...

when i grow up even i will work and make money :D

Manu said...

what the...

that pddn comment appeared between the time you posted and i clicked on '0 comments' (some 10 seconds).. USHU

ramblingmuse said...


I'm glad to hear the first day went well. :-) Take your time learning the ropes and relishing being the 'newbie', 'cuz you'll have plenty of time to be a big player in all those projects. ;-P


Dr. Pissed said...

Way to go man.
Good luck with everything.

Pooja Vijay said...

oh well...
i guess working must be more fun than sitting in a class room listening to your teachers talking gibbersh

biriya said...

that sounds great da - go you! glad you like the people - sounds like fun.

haathi said...


chubi: you're older than me. what 'when i grow up' ??? wtf is pddn trying to say?

rm: thanks! and yes im enjoying the easiness of being a newbie, because from what i hear and can see once things get hectic i wont have any time at all.

dp: thanks! i still cant believe i 'go to an office'.

pooja v: at least u have vacation. im sorely going to miss that. work keeps you busy 5.75 days of the week, i hear.

biriya: where have you being da?! its just been 2 days and iv had such a great time, im almost scared to believe this is actually heppening. how are you?

Manu said...

im oldOR but im still a wothlesh jobless nan magane.. stupid bloody 5 year turtle race course

Quietly Amused said...

all the best. and finally a post that's at least marginally happier. raided my grandmom's music collection and discovered a shop in Pune - Alurkar Music House that has some very interesting music. Hindustani vocal.
pddn headed wilson got me alternately laughing and sadly shaking head at the weirdness that infests the world. and manu, linked and desktoped. thanks.

Quietly Amused said...

addendum: Manu, keep the faith. I've been wallowing in academics for the last 8 years. Arch ain't so bad.

haathi said...

qa: HEY i heard of alurkars on my trip to bombay this time! they're after my uncle to record him solo and he hasnt had the time. i understand they're an old and reputed recording company. what did you get??

and that was not marginally..it was a lot happier. but looking back at my posts, they havent been all that dreary have they?!

are you from pune?

Quietly Amused said...

no I'm from bangalore. have an eccentric uncle who sniffs out these places. Found a malini rajurkar, pushkar lele, Arati Ankalikar, and a bunch of tapes that granny wants converted to cd think there's a prabhakar karekar and some hariprasad chaurasia and some dhrupad. which gives me enough music for a month. happy.