Sunday, June 18, 2006

blog crisis

the computer 'genius' [read: useless piece of no-nothing-about-computers] in me tried to fiddle around with my blog template, to tweak things a little. i dont know what i was thinking. because i know NOTHING about it. so my template got fucked. everything turned white. and then i freaked out. thought id lost my blog completely. until more educated people [read: suntikoppa manu] called me names and helped me 'reset' the thing, and revive it.

me and my stupid brain thing. too smart for my own good sometimes.


Ryan Lobo said...

Hi Revati,

All the best with the template and yes it was Bombay but the people are from trains all over.


tangled said...

he does that, doesn't he?
pah exasperating boy.