Tuesday, June 13, 2006

everybody aims to be happy

everybody aims to be happy. and we strive to find in everything we do. some through ways and means that are close to their hearts and others sometimes take the easy way out. instant gratification. a dubious act. a long-drawn chase..all for some happiness. sometimes it comes easy and sometimes we embark on difficult journeys, which when completed result in proportionately higher levels of happiness.

we find happiness in many things. acceptance, assurance, belonging, approval, caring, nurturing, success, acquiring, possessing, owning, achievment, rebellion, freedom, love, adventure, perfection, pride, fantasy, misdemeanour, beauty, peace, warmth, sin.. and when we cant have it our way, or see the fruits of our goal-oriented endevour to find happiness and happiness alone, we do one of two things. some of us give up, and decide it really wasnt meant to be. or we pick up where we left off, and strive and strive again till it hurts, and we have what we set out looking for.

no matter what path of the maze we choose to take, how long it takes, how lost we get, who wins the race, what obstacles we encounter, the road to happiness that we so desperately seek to walk is not an easy one. more often than not it brings difficulty, embarrassment, pain, dejection, failure and defeat. but for those who stick it out till the end and see the light of happiness, glowing like a piece of cheese at the end of the last leg of this meandering maze, the end makes it all worthwhile. that meeting with that burst of energy is mind blowing. its pure. its called happiness. and it comes with a price.

its everyones ultimate goal in life. all things must lead to happiness in some form or the other. or whats the point?


akshay said...

i find happiness in cool ppl coming to my blog and leaving comments and making it cool and happening. by association, i am then cool and happening. nat a happening. thus i am also nat a.

also orange walls, hot chocolate, blue and orange clothes, giwes a lot of the happiness.

haathi said...


orange walls. warm light. hot chocolate. light cedar furniture. a blue couch. life going by outside.

i know what you mean.


Manu said...

barista, no?
not everone wants happiness in the true sense dah. some want pride, some want retribution, some want contentment, some want to please someone else, some want dominance, some want ppducht.

haathi said...

and it all makes us happy. what u feel when u feel pride, retribution, dominance, contentment, peace, is all happiness in the end.

yes, ppducht also leads to hyappiness.