Wednesday, May 31, 2006

its over!

im a graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!! im out of college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phew..i just needed to say that out loud. exams passed me by almost as fast as they came, and im quite sure im going to pass all. so technically im that much closer to getting my graduate certificate. ah, now that thats out of the way..

im going out now, for nothing but some pure pure pure fun. nothing fancy, just fun, with some fun people. there will be togetherness and cheer, there will be good food, there will be laughter, there will be love, there will be alcohol, there will be chocolate, there will be cake and ice cream, there will be more togetherness, there will be teasing and tormenting, there will be driving back to be together, in the rain.

i cant wait.


Quietly Amused said...

whee and guess who's exam dates just got announced.

ramblingmuse said...

Congrats on finishing the exams!

Enjoy this moment! You certainly deserve it! :-)

tangled said...

ey i likes your blog.

oh my god nooooo. doc here too?

haathi said...

qa: what exams now??

rm: thanks..its not just the end of exams, but the end of college, and the end of anything remotely related to an educational institution, for a while!

t: thanks! i like your blog/s too!

tangled said...

doc is gonna be a surgeon :O he is a resident now.
he is very cool. he got eggs. i will be telling lots of people this. sorry doc.
and surely it's "whose", doc? tch tch.

tangled said...

and thenks for compliments.

Quietly Amused said...

I have this funny feeling I'm being stalked. Yeah, masters in surgery. as for the dvd trying to lay my hands on one so if either of us gets one we make illegal copies, capisce?
And what happened to the better sarod or as the high priest of dysfunction shantanu would have it sitar/sarod/santoor people that you were to introduce me to?

Manu said...

eggs aa

haathi said...

qa: you think you're being stalked?!!

listen to the veteran greats [the real stuff] ali akbar khan, vilayat hussain khan. newer artists- shahid parvez, buddhadev dasgupta, shujaat hussain khan..all good stuff and easily available in the market..planet m types i think.

and yes, whats the deal with this shantanu guy? why are you at each others throats?!

will look out for dvd.

Quietly Amused said...

explanations all around.
manu : rattlesnake sound eggs. available for twenty bucks in the vicinity of shivajinagar.

haathi: thanks will look for them. Shantanu is a classmate and a good friend with a lot of angst and issues that he vents out on my blog. dunno why he doesn't get one of his own.

Manu said...

oh those magnetic egg things. yeah they're fun. damn annoying when someone else is playing with them though.