Thursday, May 18, 2006

its morning

i love waking up to warm and fuzzy mornings, when the light is just right and you've slept just the right amount and everything is all clear and bright, just the way you like it. its a sign of having slept well. and i did, last night.

the newspapers say the da vinci code might be banned. im upset. i was REALLY looking forward to it. the book was an interesting refreshing read and i was hooked while reading it, the movie has tom hanks and the amelie chic, so i was excited as hell. iv been calling inox for the past week trying to get tickets. now it turns out the 'orthodox' catholics here have issues with the movie being screened for everyone to see. of course nobody in the vatican city has a problem, its being screened there, but bangalore has a problem. i guess i shouldnt be surprised or upset, seeing how it IS the centre of a massive catholic stronghold. im pissed that after all the hype and waiting and excited anticipation it turns out i might have to watch a pirated dvd, to enjoy the movie after all.

im still 'trying' to do the right amount of studying. somehow more important things; like coffee with friends, american idol, long drives back home in the rain, midnight phone calls, blogging, almost everything that keeps my nose out of my books; seem to be taking precedence over getting down to some serious cramming..somethings will really never change.

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akshay said...

lets kill all them orthodox idiots. the vhp the bjp the let the catholics. line em up, strip em, shoot em, take out their gold fillings, pawn it and use the money for davinci code tickets.