Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i need a sign

this was my last post on spaces.. so here it is again, just to go with the flo..not a particularly happy beginning..but it will have to do. im feeling pretty BLEARGHKRRGH&%$^#(@*& at the moment !!! :D

iv had a pissing off few hours, and i need to rant.
so here goes..

i hate adults with fuckall logic. i hate adults trapped in some pseudo lets be old and and satisfied and not give into progressive and better ways of living time warp. its a fucking time warp and its a fucking fake and it pisses me off no end. i hate adults who refuse to budge from baseless arguement and lie about the way they think and otherwise do stuff. i hate adults because most of them are hypocrits. say one thing, do another. dont listen to anyone younger than them because they are obviously all-knowledgeable. i hate adults who can dismiss anything with a shut-your-mouth-i-know-better attitude. i hate adults who ask your opinion and then dont take it for what it is. i hate adults who treat you like a non entity as and when it pleases. and the rest of the time its fine to confide in you, cry at you, share problems, make you run errands, pick on you, nag you. i hate adults who dont think like adults. i hate adults who advocate one thing and act in a manner quite the opposite. i hate adults that are full of shit. i hate adults who are full of big talk and high flown ideals and cant live a basic happy contented life. i hate adults filled with baloney, who get all preachey and condescending at you every chance they get. i hate adults that are cynical and always unhappy and isolated and expect everyone to act on their terms.

basically i hate adults. i hate them so much that i never want to be one of them. boring, jaded, compromising in all the wrong places, illogical, stubborn, stuck in a time warp, defending illogical ideas and attitudes that were thrust on them and they never had the balls to question, and now expect us to just fit in. and then speak of changing with changing times. its a load of hogwash.

maybe i have a massive lack of role models, adults i can look up to, and idolise and aim to learn from and learn to be like. i dont want to be anything other than me. im in a place where i feel i can trust nobody but myself.

find me a hero.


Manu said...

Too true, we have no role models. Which is why whe have celebrities! when i grow up i want to be like Deve Gowda. ok kidding, i want to be like jayalalitha.

Manu said...

i hate adults coz theyre old and their stupid ideas are encrusted into their crumbly minds, and they can't be made to see reason because they're stupid by habit. people should just die off quickly means quickly. except me.

Manu said...
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haathi said...

hahahaha stupid by habit! i like that..