Monday, May 29, 2006


its raining. monsoons officially here. its melancholic. makes me pensive. makes me want to also run in the rain..or pre-rain wind, feel it in my face. makes me want to wear floppy pants and walk around. makes me not want to wake up and study. makes me love the hot chocolate i sip as i stare at the gray city outside the huge glass window. makes me want to be held. makes me wish we'd all sit around and chat, drinking tea and eating popcorn. makes me want to watch movies at home, long fun uninterrupted hilarious silly comedies, or chick flicks. makes me want to go to bandipur, and snuggle by the fire place and watch the stars and the moon. makes me want to be alone sometimes. makes me feel like i have so much to say. makes me want to read. makes me want to drink mulled wine. makes me feel really happy. makes me want to skip around and listen to the sunscreen song. makes me wish i could listen to the beatles live. makes me want it to pour through the night. makes me want to go out and photograph the lightning. makes me want to listen to coldplay.

makes me feel peaceful, just for an instant.

its just the rain, and it makes me feel so many different things all at once. i wish i could make time stop, and soak it all in, and not have to rush around like this..makes me wish everything would really slow down.


akshay said...


when you say tea, you meant like, hot chocolate again, right?

Manu said...

theres nothign to slow down da. time doesnt really exist. nothing's really gone by, its all really still there.. u can find it easily. and nothing's going to happen, its all already out there. you're just remembering things 'forward'.

haathi said...

yes tea = hot chocolate if u close your eyes and pretend and think about it hard enough.

ushoo..i just wanna be happy da manu! not think about the world, matrix style.

pc said...

why do we want time to stop?
why do we want it to go back?
Life goes on, and so does time.
But memories - they stay on, for ever.

I love the drizzle, that at times to go on for ever, more than the rain. Hmm, I miss out the weather in the day, when I'm busy inside my office. But then, the mornings are a delight, when I manage to pull myself from under the blanket! Being a chennaite, I'm really enjoying the climate here in bangalore.


Manu said...

the matrix has you, haathandai. and i am the architect. ergo, heresoforewith.