Wednesday, May 17, 2006

im new here.

i used to post up at msn spaces, but i decided to give msn the finger..i think its a little scattered and kiddy for my liking. blogspot looks classy and de-cluttered and grown up. and this is the first time im willingly choosing something i think is grown up, over something i think is kiddy.

wow..this is a first time.

anyone who wishes to see the old blog, its at do drop by there! heres to more blogspotting now..


akshay said...

Yo yo yo yo YO it's shagaholic...

hi da wasup happy blogging welcome to the family where bill gates is the pizza delivery boy

Manu said...

dont shout but i kinda liked ur old one better.. twas very scrap bookish. this is too clean. for me its ok coz my blog is boring and mecchanical but urs shd be orange only. Welcames to the clogdpot ra!