Monday, May 29, 2006


i like my dad. hes really generous. hes open to new ideas and always willing to listen, before he makes up his mind. hes 52 but has the heart of a teenager. he thinks like hes still young and is still alive and spirited about everything he does. not jaded and stuck in a mid life crisis. hes always up for adventure and fun. he lives life to the very best and indulges in lifes little pleasures when he can. when he wants something, he goes out and gets it. be it having dinner at a new restaurant, a new mp3 player, a drive in the rain, or a jungle getaway.

hes happy and innocent in a way, and down to earth and realistic. hes sensitive and caring and tries his best to be there for us, and even though he may not express it i know he feels sorry and regretul when he cant always do the right thing.

iv seen him get nostalgic and trip to woodstock, and also be touched by an oddissi dance recital. iv seen him enjoy his single malt on the rocks, and give it up for almost a year when he was ill. iv seen him shed a tear when he heard a touching and emotional speech or watched a brilliant movie, and iv seen him roll with laughter on new years eve. i remember sitting on our ind-suzuki in the late 80's driving all over bangalore, come rain or shine, and i remember when he brought home our first car - a white maruti 800. later iv driven through the hills with him, zipping down the curvy hair pin bends listening to deep purple, in our lancer.

i know that whatever my dad is today, hes made for himself and made it all on his own. he wasnt born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he started from scratch to make the life he wanted for himself and us as a family. for that i have tremendous respect. for his courage, and tenacity and single mindedness, even when faced with lots of difficulty.

i want to be like him. know what i want, do what it takes to get there, have a generous heart, and an unending spirit for life. and to live every moment to its absolute best.


Manu said...

thats fantastic ra. a lot of people dont have anything close to that. its good that you have a role model. my role model is dapcharma dinesha.

akshay said...

it made me cry.

i want someone to say something like that about me when im that age.