Monday, November 01, 2010

the world. its really shrinking.

you know that feeling you get when you meet someone who knows someone else you know? when friends' circles collide? that feeling like the world is shrinking and everyone knows everyone else?

when that begins to happen in your blog circles, its way more overwhelming. i know, it shouldnt be, because the internet is a vast black hole, waiting to engulf anyone who is willing to set himself/herself free. but every time i see some random connections on fb or discover that a blogger i am familiar with also frequents other blogs i frequent, i get that same feeling all over again.


Disguise said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. :O

Jeweliot said...

as long as no one from my non-blogger life knows some blogger friend and reaches my blog!

hAAthi said...

disguise: hahaha, well plagiarism aside, of course ;)

jeweliot: why so?!