Monday, November 15, 2010

turn off your mind, relax, float downstream..

perhaps the earliest exposure i had to "english" music was the music of the beatles. iv always associated the beatles with lazy scrambled-eggs-on-toast sunday mornings, when my dad would play the beatles on our tape deck. and my mom would sing along as she made us akoori or sunny side up eggs. i was singing the songs of the beatles long before i cold articulate my thoughts straight, let alone know what i was singing. i knew the words enough to sing along with octopus' garden and o bla di o bla da quite effortlessly. the beatles tapes also made it on our intercity drives, so memories of various trips are now embedded in my mind, interlinked with so many songs that i have grown up listening to.

the beatles will never die. never go away.

but today, i turned all my happy go lucky cheery beatles memories upside down. i discovered LOVE. its one long mash-up, sinister happy high tripped out. and its sent me on a trip im not coming back from for a while to come. its given whole new meaning to enjoying the music of the beatles. its got musical nuances and beats i have never noticed in their music before. its one neverending loop of some amazing music, lyrics and memories that come flooding back.

its got some madass drum work and some trippy bits between each song and variations on songs like get back and im the walrus and lady madonna, like iv never experienced before. this has changed what the beatles mean to me. this has brought unending amounts of joy to me today. that i had niyu to madly jig along with, and to understand every little nuance that i picked up on and enjoy together makes it even better. nobody gets it like she does. i think we scared a few people in panjim as we listened to the album while driving around, literally possessed by some beatles fever.

so lying in bed, a cup of chocolate mousse in hand, LOVE blaring in my earphones, outdoing the bloggers block: this is the life.


akshay said...

first para. ditto.

hAAthi said...

yeah i know, you've told me before :D