Saturday, November 06, 2010

a moment to be noted

so president obama and his wife michelle visited bombay. their agenda included a visit to mani bhavan, which happens to be in the lane parallel to my grannys house. my sister, who lives with my granny, has been stuck to her bedroom window (which overlooks the main road) all day. shes befriended the cops outside her window, and watched the madness that has unveiled on the streets. the entire neighbourhood got washed clean. hawkers from the pavement for the boot. signboards and billboards were washed clean with soap and water. for the past 3 days, the view outside her window was pristine and very unlike bombay.

finally, after many hours of waiting, when obamas convoy of a bazillion cars drove by, my sister saw a limousine for the very first time in her whole life. when he finished and was driving back, everyone cheered, clapped and waved. she was lucky to be amongst the crowds that got a glimpse of the president himself as he waved back!


Tweedle Dee said...


nakedswaMi said...

yeaaaaa.. it was a proud moment machaa... from me room window to wave to Barry O means what you know a? aaahahah people dont get such opportunities.. :D

Jeweliot said...

hehehe wow!

i want to meet shahrukh khan.

Bhavna Shankar said...

Super! Someone on a news channel called him 'Shri Barrack Obama Ji'