Friday, November 12, 2010

of sibling drunkenness

last night, akshat, niyu, vc and i got drunk. its probably a first time that it has happened for this bunch of people together. because we hardly get together all at once anymore. everyone has their own lives and schedules happening, everyones grown up in their own way and moved on. and to me, niyu and akshu are still my baby sister and first cousin brother, so i havent had the opportunity to let loose and get FRIKKIN DRUNK in their faces.

but yesterday was a first. and it was gooooood :P
there was much alcohol. no dinner. just snackies. and once certain levels of alcohol had been consumed, there was lots of laughter, incomplete sentences, heated debates on various things, sentimental exchanges, and of course niyus camera was low on battery so we dont have a photograph to mark the momentous night.

but that was not all, once we were done wining and dining, we drunk drove ourselves to the marriot, stuffed our faces on overpriced dessert, that i had the pleasure of paying for. and this is the best family fun iv had in a while.


Ve said...

Isnt this so much better than going out to a nightclub and getting sloshed? Its nice to get hammered with people who you can be yourself with, and just totally let loose. We do this once in a way ourselves.. small group of friends/family..just sitting at home, soft music and booze galore. Cheers to good times!! :)

Ranjan Atreya said...

Not to mention the Facebook :D

hAAthi said...

Ve: you said it.

ranjan: oh yeah, thanks for rubbing it in :P