Monday, November 15, 2010

damn you, bloggers block

so much has happened, so much experienced, so much felt, so much to say. yet somehow the words just dont seem to want to find their way out. the words arent making it out of the recesses of my mind and they just arent flowing like i would like them to.

perhaps its because i have been busy in the last 10 days or so.
perhaps its because i have had barely any time to myself.
perhaps its because i havent had the time to even soak in and digest all the events of the past week.

writing about my life, recording events and feelings takes some repose. it is something i can do when i sit back and look on things that have passed. so now that the din has died and the house is empty again, maybe its time to mull over all thats dotted my life this past week.


Citrus said...

You're probably happy.
Happy people can't write.


hAAthi said...

you think?!
no! i want to be able to write when im feeling ANYTHING!