Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sharing the happy news

my good friend BP has just had a baby in the month of september. i was over the moon and felt very happy for her and S, because thanks to my move to goa and being online all the time and her maternity leave and being online a lot, we have spent a lot of time chit-chatting right through her pregnancy.

since i have such a strong opinion on having kids of my own, BPs interesting stories and anecdotes allayed my curiosity about a lot of things in that area that i am so sure i will not tread into for a while. as a result i feel like i was quite a part of her excitement, anxieties, curiosity, and her sense of being overwhelmed. BP is tiny herself, and to think that she now has her own Tiny, is in itself such a wonder!

the point of this post is to publicise a blog of her own, where she details the new experiences of being a mother. i enjoy reading it, and i think Tiny is ADORABLE, so i couldnt help but share it here :)

read on: http://growingupwithtiny.blogspot.com


Jeweliot said...

awwwwwwwwww i saw her blog, baby's so cute!! and i love her STYLISH TINY post! lol

gonna read it from the beginning. will be interesting following a new-mom

i want one i want one i want one

Bhavna Shankar said...

:D thankoo RU! well..erm...am no longer tiny! :( hahha i thought it would inspire u enough to at least adopt a pet if not have a bay...first step, u know ;)

hAAthi said...

haha.. watever chances of adopting a pet were there have now been shelved da :S

Jesu Dominic said...

Ha ha BP! Were you there when BP was given a BP raising induction?

hAAthi said...

jesu: i was around when BP was, but i think i might have missed the BP inducing encounter! there were so many, though..its hard to keep track. AK used to call BP, Low BP. hehehhe..

Bhavna Shankar said...

Oye RU..Veesee used to call me Low BP da..not AK. Then he switched to calling me Bips and AK started calling em Low BP

Jesu...yea mann..BP raising only it was! :D How are you?

hAAthi said...

lol oh is it?! i always thought Low BP was a product of AKs wit.

sigh i wanna go back. it was fun.