Monday, November 29, 2010

signs of a slowly-turning-goan

you end up having a perfectly goan sunday afternoon, without realizing it.
it features:
goas best chicken cafreal
conversation and laughter
and.. wait for it..feni. so fresh, that you end up BUYING yourself a bottle to take home.
a drive through the country-side of north goa, escaping the highway and the traffic.
it was gorgeous, and i wish i had pictures. but you really just had to be there to see what i mean.

and yes, the chicken cafreal was TO.DIE.FOR.
also, i had a change of heart as far as my opinion on feni goes.

the only thing missing, was the proverbial afternoon siesta, which in time i shall master. i did say "slowly-turning-goan", right?

'nuff said.

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