Tuesday, November 23, 2010


kafka on the shore has left me mesmerized. and wanting more. so im on a murakami buying spree:
- after the quake
- south of the border, west of the sun
- norwegian wood, which iv read before, but wish to own

and since flipkart is slowly turning me into a shop-a-holic, iv also added in:
- the kite runner
- haroun and the sea of stories
- on the road, because i dont know where my old copy is and i wish to read it again


Jeweliot said...

hee hee happy reading! nothing like spending quality time with books :)

hAAthi said...

yes, especially in the last week of my freedom!

Bhavna Shankar said...

kite runner is good and a very quick read. immortals of meluha is supposed to be good..hindu mythology in a modern way. i neeed more books!

Anita said...

Nice! I went through a Murakami phase once and reading too much of him makes you act slightly melancholic at times I think!

hAAthi said...

BP: murakami is nice, if oure willing to go on a slightly dreamy eccentric place where not everything makes complete sense :)

anita: it does, but its alright sometimes i guess..