Sunday, November 21, 2010


iv done it again.
im off fb. yet again.
i dont know how long it will be this time.
i cant decide what made me do it, either.
i dont know if and when i will be back.
i probably will, i just dont know when.
all i know is it was beginning to eat into my time. and thats far too much time spent hooked on to a virtual social networking platform. id rather be out there doing something talking to real people, if there are any.

back to my book.

ps: in other news, the food blog has been updated :)


Ve said...

lol.. finally!! Everyone I know is hooked onto facebook.. and they think I'm the weirdo for not hopping onto the bus!!!

Even though it seems tempting at times.. specially when I hear of old school friends hooking up.. but then I think "If I really wanted you to know what was going on in my life, wouldnt I just pick up the phone and tell you??? Do I really want the whole world and their uncle to be privvy to all my pics and going ons??" And its not like I have anything to hide.. but why would I want to put my life on display? Fb still hasnt managed to work itself under my skin.. hope it never does!!

And yeah.. I prefer conversing with real people too, over reading FB status updates anyday!!

hAAthi said...

hey ve, this is temporary. i jus needed a break because it was taking away too much of my time. my reasons for getting on fb are entirely different from what most people choose to sign up for it. that said, to quote arnold "il be back!"

Jeweliot said...

blogger is eating into my time

im a very slow reader.. and i constantly have this urge to read the updates on my blogger'slist.. i have to read asap.. dont want to miss anything. and it takes long for me to finish reading all the posts.


i know that fb thing. u know - i`ve also been there done that! the "de activation"