Saturday, November 27, 2010

the last saturday, so to speak

yesterday, the dilemma of the day included wonderful things like: which new book should i read first? and should i change the sheets today or tomorrow? should i be upset or not?

now the weekend is here. and surprise surprise! the husband is at work. that leaves me, my list of chores (like changing the sheets) to be finished, and my 2 fresh and crispy books all to myself.

the good thing about having a bunch of reading is that you can take it anywhere you please, and you cont necessarily have to bound to your home. so once my chores are done, im thinking i should take myself, my books and my bathing suit to the beach. there i will bring on my good friend mr-sex-on-the-beach and kick back and let the rest of saturday unfold itself.

this is, after all the last weekend of utmost freedom. and i cannot let it just pass me by.


nil said...

LOVE the plan of action ;)
you go girl!!! :D

hAAthi said...

nil: it was SO worth it :)