Saturday, November 13, 2010

i used to care, but things have changed

my life is dotted with song cycles. i dont move with the times. i listen to old stuff and new, but there is very rarely a linear movement when it comes to the music im appreciating at any point in time.

sometimes i think im born in the wrong era. just about 20 years too late. i feel this most when i go back into my led zeppelin cycles. or pink floyd comes back to haunt me. or when the beatles give me joy that is unparalleled. bob dylan is another one of those keeps-coming-back-to-me kind of artists. i have been tripping on this one for the last day or two. theres something so powerful and declarative about this song. it makes me want to be a man, just so i can make definitive statements like "i used to care, but things have changed", just the way uncle bob does.

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Disguise said...

I've been listening to him a LOT these days.