Monday, March 02, 2009

TBIM - too bad its monday

my weekend began on friday evening and consisted of a variety of things :)

drinks while looking down at the city in front of me, its flashing lights, maddening traffic, and all the people rushing around because their weekend had begun

2 consecutive nights at home, in my old-new room. 2 of the best nights sleep iv had in recent times dosa and akkirotti breakfasts :) and "english'style" tea

other food consumed included manians mutton, satay chicken, thai red curry and rice, banoffee pie, chicken biryani, lebanese sheesh touk and some other unprounounceable rice preparation (both to DIE for), garlic mayo, a gigantic samosa, chicken salami and cheese sandwich, cold coffee..sigh

a concert that featured purbayan chatterjee and kaushiki shakraborty..which was like a double whammy! though, i must confess im sad i missed the kabir fest altogether. and purbayan was wayyy better than kaushiki-dead-as-a-fish-that-can-sing was

a movie that left me thinking about so much. about lives. about reality. about india. about family. about how we're a society GRIPPED by fear, and how it affects so much that we do

a little retail therapy to top it all off. i bought TWO more pairs of footwear. and am beginning to feel a little bit like an extravagant brat. time to contain myself a little

OH! and a new haircut! well, two haircuts to be precise. thanks to rita who fucked up the first one. and then i went to bounce for the very first time and a charming young chetan gave me a really nice hair cut. which lets me feel like i dont have the mane i do actually have, and allows me to leave my hair open more often

a weekend SO well spent, i just didnt realise how it passed me by so quickly. it was enriching, happy, entertaining and here i am, back on a monday, and in my head im making plans for the next weekend already

happy week ahead, all!