Wednesday, March 04, 2009

out with it

iv been too afraid to acknowledge it myself, believe it and say it out loud. because im afraid il jinx it. im afraid of the evil eye. the black spot.

but i have to have it out. and believe i wont ruin it. because something happened today at work that hasnt happened to me in a long long time. because right now, as i lie in bed trying to sleep, theres a calmness and a strange contentment i feel. i feel satisfied, like im smiling on the inside. like everything is just right, just the way its meant to be. like everything finally worked out. and iv landed in exactly the spot that was made for me.

what im getting at is a confession, that i need to have out..

i love my new job.

there! i just spilled the beans.


prateek james said...

oh super!!! it wont get jinxed mach!!

akshay said...

if i say corporate, can you say slave?

told you it wasn't so bad.

haathi said...

haha no. if you say corporate, i can say slut!