Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another journey to remember

the new job is wonderful and im loving every moment of it. most of all, i love how much im learning. every single day has something new to offer. iv just completed 2 months at the new organisation. in a lot of ways its like i just started yesterday. the job has this fantastic habit of throwing something fresh at me every now and then, that i havent had a chance to let my job give me the "same shit, new day" feeling. perhaps that because im living a role i never have. im discovering a function thats a lot larger than anything iv handled before. im involved in things that go beyond what im used to doing. these 2 months have been a time of tremendous learning..

iv learned:
- to take responsibility for more than my share of involvement in a job
- a little bit of servicing and coordination
- to use technology and tools i didnt know how to
- that lotus notes sucks
- a little bit about design, paper quality and printing
- a little about videography, interviews and coordinating them
- how to deal with "vendors"
- how to deal with my "clients" who are actually my counterparts in other lines within my organisation
- how to say no sometimes
- how to be patient and calm in a potentially PISSING OFF (!!) situation
- how to recongnize a bitch when i see one (!)
- that not everyone is as smart as they seem at first
- the best of us slip up and make huge errors
- that rank/hierarchy has very little to do with intellect or respectability
- that those who are ultra friendly and seem extra affectionate, to the point of creeping you out, are probably those you need to stay away from
- that the quiet unassuming people are often the nicest to be around
- that politics exist everywhere and that nobody gets by without a little bit of ass-licking
- that people can so easily give up their personal ethics, values and scruples for a momentary corporate gain
- that theres a lot about the "corporate rat race" thats ugly, but must be endured in order to get by
- that its important to know my side of every story and stand up for it at all costs
- to cover my ass every step of the way
- that this is something im really good at
- that iv finally found what i was looking for
- that when you hot upon the right mix of work/challenge/results, the result is a
heady kind of satisfaction

its nice to wake up everyday looking forward to work. and to go to sleep not feeling
crabby about the fact that you have to wake up to a new day in a few hours. perhaps its a little too soon to speak, and im trying hard not to jinx this here, but im glad for the way my professional life has gone..the twists and turns it has taken..the people i have met, experiences iv had and all that it has contributed to where i am today.

its been a long road getting here when i sit back and think about it. i started
somewhere, have been through a lot of stuff, tasted different things, sampled them, made comparisons, judged things, made what i thought were informed decisions..all the time watching out for that perfect something. today, i find myself in a lovely position. in a job that inspires me to go beyond just completing my 2 bit for the day and earning a salary that automatically comes to me at the end of the month. i guess they dont call it a "journey" for nothing.

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prateek james said...

i am really happy for you :)

the journey continues mach.....