Friday, March 13, 2009

the games we play

im so sick of people and their twisted ways. why are human beings so complicated? why do they love to complicate their lives further?

iv seen so much deceit, hate, jealousy, triumph and victory, condescending attitudes, lies, fear, confusion and god knows what else all through this week.

im so sick of it. the people i am talking about have so much going for them. talent, intelligence, a mind of their own, good homes, opportunities..yet they stoop to such sickeningly low levels to get one up on another.

the games people play are just so absurd. i just dont understand motives, the way peoples minds function, the way they do things, why they do them, what do they get?

doesnt it then, make them just as good as their so called "enemies"? all for a temporary one-up-man-ship? doesnt it soon fade away..when reality catches up? and what goes around comes around?

how long can one lie to oneself, and delude oneself into believing your own truth? doesnt that bubble break at some point? and then what?? does anyone ever think about the long-term effects of their actions?

i guess not. if they did, i get they wouldnt be caught up in this corporate rat race to begin with.

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akshay said...

the solution is a .44 and a steady aim.