Monday, March 09, 2009

moved to tears

iv turned into a cry baby of sorts. the slightest, most absurd, biggest, happiest, saddest things have brought me down to tears of late..

i cried about my grannys surgery. even though shes come home feeling better.
i cried when i watched benjamin button. the end was just too gut wrenching.
i cried several times through milk. but in the end i just couldnt hold it back and the tears just flowed.
i cried over a helpless situation in my life. until my mom showed me a way out.
i cried about why people care so much about looks. until vc showed me thats not true.
i cried when i heard of an adopted baby. whos doing so well.
i cried when i heard of a friend whos fought a psychological disorder through therapy, and has made a comeback into our lives, after over a year of hate and silence.
i cried through the end of delhi 6. even though i saw it a second time and didnt think it would move me again. but that movie really did something to me. of all the movies possible, it did. it hit home and made me cry.

i think reality does that. reality; good bad positive negative surprising or not; has the capacity to move you. and this weekend i was so moved, by so many different things.


akshay said...

now i feel like crying. jesus.

haathi said...

heeehehehe.. so whats new?

akshay said...

actually i haven't cried in a very long time.