Wednesday, March 11, 2009

and sometimes you come across something so beautiful..

just read this post on an old friends blog, that i have rediscovered.

needless to say, it made me cry.. happy tears, though, i suspect :)

i love the complete uninhibited, untainted love that comes across in this post. the kind of love only a mother can have. and when i think about the author, and how we met and how much time has passed since then, it seems all too amazing that we have all moved on so much. some of us married, some with babies, some pursuing long studies, some still persisting with music, some have crossed borders and moved to new countries...

and to think all of us met in a room in my old home, all between the ages of 6-13 trying to learn music. a bunch of giggling, childish, but very talented "kids"..and to think so much has changed since..and to think this is actually all possible with the passage of time.. seems just too overwhelming all of a sudden.


Samarth Nagarkar said...

Good Lord!!! That's Shruti!!! Lovely post! Where is everyone from those "fairytale" Chitrapur/Abhiram days?!!

Shruthi said...

Oh, wow! I'm touched that the post touched you so much! :)

And oh, those were such lovely days!