Monday, March 30, 2009

the coming months..

promise to be a difficult yet exciting time.

vc is going away for the ipl. hes going to be gone for well over a month. this is not something iv done before, not something i think i can contend with, and certainly nto something i am looking forward to. but life goes on, and a mans got to do what a mans got to do, i guess. so go, he will. and deal with it, i will.

on the UP (wayyyy up!!) side, niyu gets here in 2 days. for the first time in my life, i think im lookign forward to it more than she is :) i just cant wait.

priya gets back in ten days or so :) and hopefully there will be some sense of insanity and normalcy in my life. what with the 2 maddest things in my life being in the same city again.

we're planning what was meant to be a "sisterhood" trip to goa. priya might not make it, but we'll try and convince her and see how that goes. but niyu and i are mentally in goa already. wearing our beach clothes, oversized shades, looking at the world go by through mellow hues, overlooking the sun sand and sea with our drinks in our hands. and those drinks will either be labelled 'kings' or will be brightly coloured and will have tiny umbrellas in them.

i will have longer work days though. a certain someone has recently left my team, leaving a pair of rather large shoes to fill. along with the challenge comes longer, more hectic days. more confusion, a laptop and more learning the ropes..perhaps at a quicker pace than id have imagined or preferred. but im excited about the new role, even though im not excited at all about having an excuse to take work home.

the coming months are also the months of summer, mangoes, my birthday and some big decisions..


akshay said...

wait vc gets paid to go see cricket matches?

will he take a second wife? or husband, as it were.

VC said...

eeni need to come to GOA da.. who will take ur fotus wearing the oversized glasses

haathi said...

and undersized shorts. AAAHAHAHAHAHA.. ehh you're leaving us and going far away so you're not allowed to complain.

but we promise to miss you :(

Anonymous said...